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Keys and Clicks not counting


There's a case where your keys and/or clicks could not be counting properly on your Windows computer, which is where certain applications (mostly games) block the WhatPulse client access to those stats. They're greedy and want to keep them for themselves. We have devised a way around this, if you are experiencing lack of input statistics when you're using your computer and/or gaming.

Enable the "Run as Administrator" option inside the Settings tab and restart the client. This will elevate the WhatPulse client to a higher permission level and it should be able to get all keys and clicks from the applications that previously were not counting. Please note that there are still some applications out there that block the client even in "Run as Administrator" mode. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about that (except writing the developers to stop doing that).

Mac OS X

On OS X, the WhatPulse client needs "Accessibility" permissions on your computer. By default, the client detects whether it has these permissions and if not, will ask you permission to correct these by itself. There are situations where it could loose these permissions and not be able to detect it (for instance, when you upgrade OS X or the client), which results in it only being able to count modifier keys (shift, ctrl, cmd, etc). To correct this, remove the WhatPulse client from the "Accessibility" permissions and restart the client so that it can add itself back to the permissions.

Please restart the client after doing this.


If the Linux client is not counting input, you will need to run the '' script that is included with the download and run when you install the client. You can download it here as well:

Example usage:

chmod +x
sudo sh