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Create a Team

To form a team, first ensure that you are logged in to the WhatPulse website. Then, go to the teams page, and click on Create a team. You will be prompted to fill in 4 fields of information

Name: Your team name. Team names can be up to 35 characters long, and can only contain alphanumeric characters, with the exception of the symbols ., _, @, !, ^, [, ] Description: Enter a brief description of your team. This will appear on your team's public statistics page, below the name. Password: If you wish to restrict access to your team to only certain people, you can set a password to give out to members. URL to Logo: Enter the URL to an image that you wish to use as your team's logo. Imgur is an excellent image host to use for this.

That's it! Submit this information, and your team will be created.