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Managing a team

In the My WhatPulse menu, click on Teams. If you have sufficient privileges, you will see several options on this screen.

Transfer ownership of Team If you want to make somebody else the owner of your team, click this button, and then specify the username of the person you wish to transfer team ownership to. This will give them full control of the team.

Leave team If you want to leave your team, select this option.

Team Management Options Under the "Manage Your Team" section are several options available to team managers.

Edit team This tab allows you to modify the name, description, password and logo of your team. When you have made changes here, click "Save" to confirm your changes.

Memberlist This tab allows you to manage the members of your team. From here, you can choose to promote users to managers, demote managers to users, and remove users from the team. Simply tick the checkbox next to the names of users that you want to modify, and make your changes by clicking one of the buttons above the list

Send a message This tab allows you to send a message to members of your team.

Sub-teams This tab lets you create and delete sub-teams.